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Quick and Simple Personal Loans

With online cash loans, getting the money you need to cover unexpected expenses is now as simple as a few clicks!

Looking for a fast way to get cash in your hands? Look no further because iWantCashLoans has you covered. We work with reputable lenders on your behalf to provide you the best possible rates, and our application process is entirely online. With up to $10,000 available through our company, we have more than enough options for cash loans that are right in line with what you’re looking for.

Simply fill out a few basic details about yourself and pick an amount to cover from our menu of credits. One person can request as much as $10,000 within 20 minutes! Once approved by one of our lenders situated throughout Australia including Perth and Brisbane, all sources will be released directly into your account so you don’t even need to worry

We all know that having cash on hand is incredibly important, especially when unexpected expenses arise.

Most people don’t have $400 to $10000 in the bank for an emergency and rely instead on credit cards or personal loans.

iwantcashloans provides a fast and easy way to get access to quick cash loans in Australia without any hidden fees or fine print. Our online application takes only 5 minutes and you can be approved same day! Apply now for your loan today!

How to get a cash loan in Australia?

Hit the apply button, fill out the simple application form, provide some ID and in no time at all we’ll have a result for you.

What are the benefits of getting a cash loan?

These loans can be used for a variety of reasons, including Bills , car repairs, medical, travel and many other reasons

Who can apply for a cash loan in Australia?

Most people can apply for a cash loan, you just need to be a current permanent resident or citizen and aged over 18.

Why should I get a cash loan from an licenced Australian lender?

Australia is a country that has some of the most restrictive lending practices for cash loans. The government does not allow lenders to charge more than an annual interest rate of 4% on new loans. In order to find out how to get a loan, you need to research which lenders are allowed in Australia and what their maximum rates are. One thing you want to make sure is that they have your correct information so you can qualify for the best possible deal!

Cash Loans Online

The Quickest Application

We want to give you a simple and quick way to apply for your loan. 


Provide your name and contact details


Provide the reason for the loan


Provide details of how the loan will be paid back


Provide access to you bank statements, this is the fastest way for us to qualify you for a loan

Reasons to Borrow

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

John needed funds to help pay for a dental emergency, we can provide loans so you don’t have to wait for the treatment you need.

Car repairs, can sometimes add up and you cannot work without the car to get you there on time! We can get that repair paid for and you back to full speed.

Funds to buy some computer equipment, maybe you are starting a new course or building your next business. Lets get you started now!

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